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DTLS(Dogeui Teaching and Learning System) 은
DTLS (Dongeui Teaching and Learning System) is a platform supporting courses through online for regular school terms and seasonal terms for students and graduate students (including specialized graduate school) of Dongeui University. DTLS is linked with Dogneui University Information System and supports the following 4 types of lectures.
  1. Remote (cyber) courses
    Remote (Cyber) courses are courses that can be heard regardless of time at any place where internet is available. Normal lecture room is not assigned but engages in all study activities including lectures, tests, assignments for corresponding subject through this system. Enrolment is done through Student Information System during enrolment period as with normal courses and select [University Remote (Cyber) Course] indicated on Enrolment Handbook.
  2. Web-assisted lectures
    A type of lecture that is conducted offline in normal lecture room as well as sharing materials needed for corresponding lecture and submitting assignments, small group activities, forums, Q&A by internet through DTLS.
  3. On-off convergence lectures
    On-off convergence lectures are a type of lectures where online and offline lectures are conducted together, and a certain portion of lecture is conducted as Remote (Cyber) lecture while the rest is conducted in a normal lecture room. This type of lecture is to be provided in the future.
  4. Special courses
    Non-regular course without credit and provide contents in the form of videos, voice by internet through Teaching and Learning System. Enrolment is available as needed or designate students.
  5. Teaching Portfolio
    Classes can be organized and reviewed systematically by establishing teaching portfolio. Comprehensive teaching activities management system is provided for comprehensively managing teachings and results for professors and opportunity to critically examining them.
  6. Study Portfolio
    Study portfolio containing evidences showing the results and effort of learning activities and self-examinations on those. It provides personal visions and goals, SWOT analysis, annual actions plans and systematically review own learning achievements through the entire university course. It can be effectively used for employment or further studies or studying abroad.